Friday, September 7, 2012

Good Afternoon!
        Please note that I have stapled a social development form into your child’s white folder. I have explained to the class that I will be carefully watching for great Pre K behavior!  If there is something they need to improve; they will have an “X” on their chart and if they are doing well; they will have a green mark.  I hope you can talk to your children this weekend about the chart and help them understand what the teachers at MDE are looking for.  Please use this as a learning experience and work on these areas at home with your child.  We want school to be a positive experience. It will remain in your child’s folder for the first 9 week grading period . Please do not remove it.  There is a box at the bottom for your weekly signature. If you have any brief comments, please add them in the comment section. If you have a lengthy message for me, just send me an email and we can discuss it. 
I have also taken pictures of your child on the first day of school.  It will be the first page in their PK memory book.  I will send a group picture soon.
Thank you and enjoy your weekend!  We have a wonderful class!!

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