Monday, October 29, 2012

Letters and Words We have Learned!

     We have just finished teaching the correct handwriting formation, letter name and letter sound for the following letters: F, E, D,P, B,R, N and M.  In addition we have reviewed the sight words I, is, see, can, the, a  and look. These words are currently in alphabet books that are in each child’s “reader’s workshop folder”. We will send these books home when your child has read it several times in small group.  Please encourage your child to point to each word as he/she reads it and look for the sight words that have been taught. The letter song books that we send home weekly are intended to be a fun way to sing and read with your child.  They are not used for reading instruction.

     The Mother Goose play went off without a hitch.  The children were so excited and did a fabulous job.  I want to thank each of you for your support and effort with your child’s costume.  They were too cute!  Thanks again for the beautiful flowers.  

We will be going on a field trip to the Oil Ranch on Tuesday, October 30th.  We are asking that your child wear their MDE or Zero the Hero t-shirt with shorts/jeans and tennis shoes.  Please send their lunch in a plastic ziplock bag.  We will throw away all lunch items at the ranch, so do not send lunch boxes or plastic containers that need to be returned.  :-)

Important dates:

Tuesday, October 30th                          Field Trip to the Oil Ranch
Wed., October 31st                                ALL INDIVIDUAL PICTURE MONEY DUE
Friday, November 2nd                          Class pictures and retakes (don’t be late)
Tuesday, November 6th                         Zero the Hero Day #50
Tuesday, November 20th                         Zero the Hero Day #60

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