Wednesday, April 17, 2013

Ladybug, Ladybug fly away home.....

Pre K released 3,000 ladybugs today in the MDE butterfly garden.  It was very exciting.  We are also  closely watching a preying mantis case which should release approximately 700 preying mantis babies in the next 2 weeks!  A special thanks to Mrs. Cela for providing the insects!  

Butterflys, Buttercups and Beachballs

PK is right in the middle of our unit on insects.  The children are learning what the characteristics of an insect are.  They have also learned about the lifecycle of a butterfly, and observed the symmetry in the butterfly wings .  Ask your child what he/she knows about insects.  Ask them to tell you what they know about symmetry.
         In our next unit of study,  the children will learn about the needs of plants and seeds.  They will also observe our butterfly garden and its plants.
We have introduced all 26 letters and sounds and are putting the letters together to form words.  I am truly amazed by the kids and how many words they are able to spell this year.  I am seeing their writing improve each day.  Please continue to encourage your child to read the readers provided in their homereader bag.  This will help with their fluency and build confidence.  Homereader  bags are due each Monday.
Mark your calendars for the PK fieldtrip on May 23rd to the water park.   Please send an email if you would like to chaperone this event.
Upcoming dates:
April 23, 24        STARR tests for 3rd,4th and 5th grades- no parents at lunch for any grade level

April 24                   Zero the Hero day #150
April 29                   Holiday

May 9                      Zero the Hero day #160

May 17                      PK Portfolio sharing    1:45-2:15
May 23                    Field trip to Nottingham splash park

May 20-24               Cultural Arts Week